Shift codes are Gearbox's way to give players various items and rewards in-game. Usually the codes are only valid for a limited time and must be redeemed on the official website or in-game before they expire. Most shift codes grant golden keys, which unlock a special chest in Sanctuary full of loot items. Sometimes shift codes can grant exclusive items, skins and ledgendary weapons. These items may go straight to your inventory or be found in your in-game mail, under the 'social' tab.


1) Never miss another shift code. Our notification service will let you know whenever a new Borderlands 3 shift code code comes out.

2) Save your time. We provide a platform to easily manage, keep track of and redeem shift codes. No more typing, no more searching, no more entering outdated codes that have expired or already been used.

3) Convienience. With this app you have all the valid Borderlands 3 codes in one place, at your fingertips. All codes are sorted in date order, colour coded with a live countdown until they expire. Expired codes and codes you mark as 'used' can easily be hidden.


The app lists all of the Borderlands 3 codes in date order. You will find the most recent codes at the top of the list. Green is valid, red is expired, grey means it's 'used'

1) Just tap the code you want to redeem. On the pop-up tap the button to 'Redeem this code'. This copies the code and takes you to the official website.

2) If you do not have a shift account you will need to register with Shift and log in. Once you have done this you can automatically log in the next time.

3) Once logged into the official website and see where it's prompting you for a shift code, press and hold the input field to 'paste' your code and redeem.

4) If your code fails to redeem it is likely that you have already redeemed it. All of our codes are tested and verified to work before posting. Take note of the error message that you see on the official website and check the section on error messages below to see what it means.


If you have already redeemed codes by other means, this app has no way of knowing about it. Those codes may still show that they are valid (green) until you mark them as used or try and redeem them again. If you try and redeem these codes again, it will fail because shift codes can only be redeemed once but they will become marked as used.


"Failed to redeem your SHiFT code" - Already redeemed.

"This is not a valid SHiFT code" - The code is incorrect.

"This SHiFT code has expired" - The code has expired.


- Codes redeemed from the app are automatically marked as 'used'. Codes redeemed outside the app aren't.

- You can mark codes 'used' or 'unused' at any time. Just tap the code and tap the relevant button.

- Expired and used codes can be hidden with the switches at the top right.

- Expiry dates are approximate and based on the information published when the codes were released but there's no guarantee exactly when the code will stop working.


If you don't know which shift codes you have already redeemed outside of the app you can simply try and redeem them all again. The ones you have already redeemed will fail to redeem again but they will then all be marked as 'used' and can be easily hidden afterwards. As soon as new codes are added we will send you a notification to let you know. As the codes are in date order the new shift code will appear at the top of the list. Follow the steps above to redeem.


Q. Why do none of the codes work?
A. Check the error message and the 'Error messages on the shift website' section. It's likely you have already redeemed the codes.

Q. Why haven't you published some of the codes that have been on Facebook, Twitter etc?
A. We only publish valid codes for Borderlands 3 that have been tested and verified to work. If we haven't published it then it's either not for Borderlands 3 or we haven't verified it works. Frequently codes for other Borderlands games are posted on social media and misidentified as Borderlands 3 codes. You can still redeem them with the same shift account sucessfully and it's easy to assume you've got a valid code but it wont show up in Borderlands 3.

Q. When is the next code coming out?
A. We have no idea but when it does, we'll find it and send you a notification.

Q. How frequently are the codes updated?
A. We are always checking for new codes 24-7. As soon as we find a new code we test and verify it straight away. We then send out notifications, alerting all of our app users usually within minutes depending on network conditions.


This app requires an active internet connection and push notifications and background services are also required. The app needs to be able to save data to your device. Please ensure all relevant permissions are granted if requested as this is necessary for the app to function correctly. Please ensure that you have sufficient storage space on your device and that you are connected to the internet. Please check the app store to see if you are running the latest version. If you're experiencing any problems with the app or want to give us some feedback please feel free to contact us using the 'contact us' section of the main menu. This app is not affiliated with Gearbox, 2K or Shift. The official shift code website is nothing to do with us, we just provide a link to it for your convienience. Our app only provides a notification service and a platform for you to manage the codes we find. We don't release shift codes and have no control over their frequency or content.


This app has been designed with your privacy in mind. In short we don't track you, use analytics, collect, or store any of your personal data for marketing or research purposes. We do send you push notifications and to do this we use a Google Service called Firebase cloud messaging. This service assigns your device a unique ID in order to send you shift code alerts. This is necessary for our app to function as advertised. You can opt out of push notifications in your devices settings. If you want to know more please see our Privacy Policy. or our full Terms of Service.